Glenyce Durdin

About Glenyce​

Since completing my training with the 

British Academy of Sound Therapy in 2015, I have practised Sound Therapy in a wide range of settings.

I am a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. 


My professional background


Performance from SA Opera to Piano Bar work, Private Music Teaching business, MD in Children’s Television, Music Teacher in Schools, Community musician i.e Church MD, conductor of singing groups, composer for children and community projects.




Therapeutic Sound in the Community 

Practitioner Level Diploma in Sound Therapy

AMusA piano and singing 

BA Music (Jazz)

Diploma of Education 

Cert IV in Popular music



What leads me to this work?


My lifetime work as a professional musician led me to see and experience the energetic healing power of music/sound to affect a positive change of the human experience, particularly on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical planes. 


I have always loved to play instruments and sing, improvising to the energy in a room full of people or to small groups or individuals. Magic happens, often stuff that I cannot explain on any rational level. This universal energy fills me with gratitude and awe. It feels like pure love and compassion going to where it is most needed, bringing rest and healing to our energy systems.

It was when I recognised my own need for healing that I began to explore the power of sound healing in a much more focused and intentional way. 

I had observed and experienced to some degree its effect on others, now what could it do for me as well as for others if I added 'intention + sound' to invite healing to go to where it is most needed?


So began my own healing, or perhaps it has always been on a continuum, it’s just that now it is more conscious, invited and intentional.


It has been and still is an awesome experience and it delights me to have opportunities to facilitate this work and to share it with other beautiful souls such as yourselves.