This is a unique, in-depth healing opportunity to allow sound and reflection to self-direct change in your life.


Sound therapy works on a subconscious level. In this session, Glenyce creates and plays a soundscape, especially created for you.


During your session, healing sound-waves resonate in and through you to assist the release of energy blockages in your body. These can be on a number of levels; mental, emotional, spiritual or physical.

The soundscape is then followed by a guided reflection.



How does it work?

Sound sets up a dialogue on many levels in our bodies.

The body responds to sound in various ways. How we respond to sound is key to our transformational processes as these responses highlight where there is work to be done.


Reflection allows you to view your process objectively, to assist you to make informed decisions about where to go or what to do next.


3-4 sessions are recommended, no longer than 10 days apart for best outcomes.


Please contact Glenyce if you would like to discuss if this is for you.